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Steven E. Romer Author Page
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Steven E. Romer Author Pages
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Steven E. Romer Author Page
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Steven E. Romer Author Pages

Copyright 2006 Steven E. Romer

When I think about what might be the most overriding
theme of my life, it would be an absolute love and
devotion to truth. Not the fleeting truths of individuals,
or political regimes. Not the obscure thumbnail sketches
of truth we hear about and are so motivated by in our
various religions. All of these are pieces in a much
larger puzzle. Science is the most important tool we
have to clarify these things today.

The reasons that I am motivated by truth are universal.
People of vision everywhere should easily see why
truth is better in the long run than convenient or
malicious deceptions or than  the much more prevalent

. People who are ignorant or evil
invariably either cannot
see truth or are not motivated
by it. Of course, you have to be capable of seeing  the
grandeur of truth to be motivated by it. I believe these
ideas about the supreme importance of truth are
backed up not just by personal logic, but by what the
evidence of history and science tells us about the
natural order of things. It is not for man to decide what
justice is, but
eternity. Eternity decides and judges
above all men.

With modern science and the information society, we
can see eternal themes threaded all through our world.
These themes to me are the book of life -- those
immortal, principles
which brought life into being in the
first place. These things are reflected equally in the
periodic table of the elements and in the principles of
our own psychology.

Psychology was my first love, the science of how our
own brains work. I was so concerned about truth that I
wanted to be sure my own psychology was not taking
part in artificially forming my ideas of the world.
Fortunately, I was not discouraged. Humans above all
animals have the unique quality in our best minds to
override our individual psychologies and learn the most
eternal and universal truths -- no matter how

This love and devotion to truth is what makes us most
human. It is also what gives rise to our various
religions. Especially when you read the original writings
of those who started religions, and when you realize
what symbols and cultural ideas they had to work with,
What they are really saying in the modern
information-society context becomes increasingly
apparent. We need not filter the truth through the
foibles of men any longer -- it is in the book of life for all
to read.

This is the impetus for my first book. The universe itself
is a great text book to be read. In order to read it fully
and to survive into the long-term future, I fully realize
now (no matter how politically untenable...), we have
no choice but to do sweeping natural eugenics. I truly
believe this is what the written universe itself is telling
us. It is what made us...

As always, if we do not heed the eternal creator, we
will not survive. No natural law is more certain than
this. The black tide of ignorance is the adversary in all
its manifestations. We will never survive this black
death. And you will see after reading my book, that we
may never get another chance. This is it. Decisions
have consequences and there are no do-overs any
more for very objective reasons... with my writings, I
want to help to save the world. That's it.
All men dream, but not equally.
Those who dream at night, in the
dusky recesses of their minds
wait in the day to find that it was
vanity. But the dreamers of the
day are dangerous men for they
may act their dreams, with open
eyes, to make it possible.
-T.E. Lawrence
We humans are all
sea creatures. We
strive in a sea of
ignorance to build
and thrive into the