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The Textbook of the Universe


The Textbook of the Universe: The Genetic Ascent to God

by Steven E. Romer


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Copyright Steven E.
Romer 2006

The Textbook of the Universe: The
Genetic Ascent to God
  by Steven E. Romer

The symbolic nature of the universe reflected in human
language and in the biology of the brain -- and how this
relates to the origin of life,
the direction and forces of
evolution, science, language, and ultimate destiny of life.

The book integrates many aspects of modern
knowledge with historical and religious ideas from our
recent and more distant past. Here are a few:
Religion exists in human civilizations for a
common thread of logical reasons

The information explosion and biology

Consciousness arises in biological brains via
neuron - glial cell information interactions

symbolic behavior of humans echoes larger
natural processes of the universe

The rapid advance of knowledge hails the
dawning of a new era in evolution

We are rapidly integrating our knowledge of
the world to naturally prepare for eugenics

There is a singular meta-organization to the
information of our universe which itself can
predict new discoveries and indicate destiny

The impetus of both science and religion are
the same -- two ways of talking about eternal
patterns and the future.
Steven E. Romer
Received his undergraduate degree with honors in
psychology from Illinois State University. He attended Emory
university for 4 years in the Behavioral Neuroscience PhD
program -- a joint program with the neurology department
of the medical school and the Psychobiology division of the
psychology department. There he complated a Masters
project entitled "Dopamine in the Ventrolateral Striatum
Modulates the Reward Value of Intracranial Self-Stimulation".
He also wrote two literature review / theoretical papers on
Stereotypical behaviors and memory loss in Korsakoffs
syndrome. Other papers include a theoretical paper on the
origin of consciousness in the unique properties of human
glial cells in interaction with Neurons. This idea was conceived
in 1988 at Illinois State University in an honors program
thesis paper, and developed into the glial cell chapter in this
Beauty is the
manifestation of secret
natural laws, which
otherwise would have
been hidden from us

"Rest not. Life is
sweeping by; go and
dare before you die.
Something mighty and
sublime, leave behind
to conquer time."

You are not today,
you are not
tomorrow, you are a
million years before
and a million years
after you.